Security procedures for all airline passengers implemented on August 10, 2006 which banned passengers from bringing any liquid, lotion or gel aboard an aircraft in their carry-on luggage, was modified on September 25, 2006.

The current rules can be found here .

Laptop computers, cell phones and other electronic items are allowed. You should also carry aboard your identification papers (birth certificate/passport), airline/cruise tickets, wallet, jewelry, purse and photographic film. Packed clothing in your carry on is also OK.

All passengers will be required to remove their shoes for security inspection.

As of January 1, 2003, all "checked" luggage is electronically screened. If anything inside the suitcase is "suspicious", TSA security personnel are authorized to open the luggage. If it is locked, they are authorized to break the lock! We recommend using either inexpensive locks that won't be missed, TSA-approved locks that can be opened and re-locked by TSA personnel, or cable ties or locking plastic strips. The newly implemented screening machines will damage photographic film. Carry all film in your carry-on luggage.

The newly implemented screening procedures require that you arrive at the airport at least 1.5 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

SUMMARY: Passengers may experience longer lines at airports and should plan to arrive early. Check with your specific airline and airport before flight departure time to determine how much time is needed for your flight. To expedite the process, avoid having clutter in your bags and minimize the number of carry-on items. For up-to-the-minute information visit


Cruise ship cabins tend to be small, so pack accordingly. Pack your cosmetics and toiletries in zip-lock bags. Encase your dresses, suits and outfits in plastic bags or layer in your luggage with white tissue paper; this helps prevent wrinkling. Pack tickets, valuables, jewelry and prescription medication in your carry-on luggage. Take along extra plastic cable-lock ties for securing luggage for the return trip (better than locks but one-time use only).
Savvy travelers always include some duct tape (not the huge gray roll sold at the hardware store, but a smaller "flat-pack" sold in a variety of colors at Walmarts / K-marts and similar stores). Why? Use it for minor luggage repair. Ever had the stitching in a hem unravel at the last minute? Things rattling in your cabin? Hold the window curtains together to keep out the light! One of Duck Tape's most creative uses is as a replacement for an "uplifting" foundation garment. Under low cut or backless dresses, or when a brassiere just won't work with a gown, create your own Wonder Duck Bra. The list goes on!

If appropriate, cross-pack your luggage with your travel companion. Although we trust our bags will arrive with us at our destination we know that delivery can be delayed; having a change of clothes in your companions luggage will lessen the inconvenience. Undergarments and knits take only a third of the suitcase space they normally occupy when they're compressed. Simply fill the largest size zipper top kitchen storage bags with these articles and force all the air out before zipping them shut.
Ensure that a card or piece of paper is tucked inside your bags with your name/address/phone and ship name and date of departure prominently listed. Exterior bag tags can become "unattached" on "lost baggage"; if the contact info is inside the bag it may make it easier for it to be delivered to you in a timely manner.
Most bags look the same coming down the conveyer belt! Make your bags stand out with a colorful bow on the handle or brightly colored tape affixed in unique patterns along the side panels and top.
Try to coordinate outfits around a central color so you can mix and match items and consider taking items you can use to layer outfits instead of taking heavy limited use items. Create different looks with accessories.
For wrinkle free garments, leave them on their hangers, cover them with dry cleaning bags, and fold over once before placing them in the suitcase. Unpacking is a snap and there's no need to bring along a travel iron.
Use every bit of luggage space. Women's shoes will fit inside men's. Stuff socks and other small items inside larger space wasters. A tote bag that folds into its own zippered pocket is handy as a shopping or beach bag and invaluable when it's time to pack the souvenirs that are preventing your suitcase from closing.
Although you'll have a standard electrical outlet in the bathroom (European converter not required), you may find only one additional outlet in the cabin. If you plan on using several electrical devices at the same time, you might consider packing a small extension cord or 3-way extension plug found at any hardware store.




  1. ____ Belt(s)
  2. ____ Bermuda-type Shorts
  3. ____ Binoculars
  4. ____ Bottle Water (for the plane)
  5. ____ Boxer or Briefs
  6. ____ Camera / batteries/ battery charger
  7. ____ Casual / Dress Shoes
  8. ____ Cell phone / charger
  9. ____ Cruise/Airline tickets
  10. ____ Dark Suit or TUX
  11. ____ Dress Shirts / Neckties
  12. ____ Duct Tape ( * thousands of uses!)
  13. ____ Flash Light (small)
  14. ____ Foreign currency (if traveling abroad)
  15. ____ Germicidal hand cleaner
  16. ____ Glasses/Contacts/Sunglasses
  17. ____ Guide Books
  18. ____ Insect Repellent (for use ashore)
  19. ____ iPod / Walkman
  20. ____ Light weight casual slacks (Dockers)
  21. ____ Light weight jacket/sweater or sweat shirt
  22. ____ Medication
  23. ____ Pajamas/Robe
  24. ____ Paperback Book
  25. ____ Passport/Birth Certificate
  26. ____ Polo or other open-collar Shirt(s)
  27. ____ Reading Material
  28. ____ Shaving Kit
  29. ____ Socks
  30. ____ Sneakers
  31. ____ Sport sandals / flip flops
  32. ____ Sports Jacket
  33. ____ Sun Hat
  34. ____ Sunglasses
  35. ____ Suntan Lotion
  36. ____ Swim Trunks
  37. ____ T-shirts
  38. ____ Workout clothes for the gym
  1. ____ Belt(s)
  2. ____ Binoculars
  3. ____ Camera / batteries/ battery charger
  4. ____ Casual / Dress Shoes
  5. ____ Casual Dress
  6. ____ Casual Shorts / Tops
  7. ____ Cell phone / charger
  8. ____ Cocktail Dress(es)
  9. ____ Cosmetics
  10. ____ Cruise / Airline tickets
  11. ____ Duct Tape ( * thousands of uses!)
  12. ____ Evening Bag
  13. ____ Flash Light (small)
  14. ____ Flip flops/sport sandals/Gym shoes
  15. ____ Foreign currency (if traveling abroad)
  16. ____ Formal outfits (1-3 depending on cruise length)
  17. ____ Germicidal hand cleaner
  18. ____ Glasses/Contacts
  19. ____ Hair accessories
  20. ____ Insect Repellent (for use ashore)
  21. ____ iPod / Walkman
  22. ____ Jacket/sweater
  23. ____ Jewelry
  24. ____ Lingerie
  25. ____ Medication
  26. ____ Pajamas/Robe
  27. ____ Passport or Birth Certificate
  28. ____ Reading Material
  29. ____ Scarves
  30. ____ Sneakers
  31. ____ Sun Hat
  32. ____ Sunglasses
  33. ____ Suntan Lotion
  34. ____ Swimwear
  35. ____ Toiletries
  36. ____ Travel-sized Woolite
  37. ____ T-shirts
  38. ____ Workout clothes for the gym
  39. ____ Zip lock bags (all sizes) and garbage/laundry bags